Mission Statement

ACE is committed to excellence in the commercialisation and distrubution of laboratory chemicals and supplies. Management and staff regard this commitment, and continual improvement, as fundamental to all ACE's business operations. To achieve our goal of "QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE", we are guided by the following principles and objectives:

  • Dedication to commuication, participation and consultation processes for objective, open and fair dialogue
  • Aim to continually improve and develop managerial and techincal skills, instilling the need for self-discipline and attention to detail in all personnel, thus improving our core competencies
  • Consider quality, environment, health and safety requirements throughout the full life-cycle of commercialisation and distribution of laboraotry chemicals and supplies
  • Strive to create value through optimisation of costs, efficient use of resources, including energry and materials in the interest of sustainability
  • Minimize our impact on the environment and public health to the greatest possile extent including pollution prevention
  • Proceed a work environment where occupational health and safety hazards are controlled for the protection of all persons performning work for ACE
  • Achieve customer satisfaction through provision of excellent products, consistent with professional standards and ethics and to repsond rapidly to customer requirements
  • Provide competitively priced products that offer benefits to our customers without compromise to quality, the environment, health and safety and energy
  • Select partners to enable us to bring to our customers exacting standards of purity and quality without compromising environmental protection, health and safety criteria
  • Reliable, accurate and consistent infrastructure to ensure timely distribution and safe delivery to our customers.
  • Assure that the products and services are supplied in accordance with agreed specifications
  • Promote knowledge and understanidng of the hazards associated with our products amongst all partners
  • Continual commitment towards pricing, quality, reliability and service to enable customers to have complete trust in us as a reputable supplier who aims to protect health, safety and the environment
  • Commit to compliance with legislative requirements applicable to all aspects of our business, and to follow self-imposed obligations of the initiative and principles of the Montreal Protocol
  • Implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of a formalized management system that conforms to internationally management system standard.